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I started decorating for Valentine’s Day this past weekend (my table runner is out for another year too!). I have a bit of a sentimental reason for decorating with Conversation Hearts – when I think of Valentine’s Day from my childhood, I remember getting lots of these not so delicious candies.

Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Decor

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart LOVE decor


Want to make this yourself? Below are the directions for designing the “LOVE” decal in Silhouette Design Studio.

Start with a basic heart. Make it as big as possible (it is easier to do the design and then scale it down).

Heart in Silhouette Design Add text (I used Arial) to the heart, center and size it in the heart. Fill the heart with color, it is easier to see the next step when stuff is filled with color.

Heart Filled with Color Select the heart and text, go to Object–>Modify–>Subtract which will remove the letters from the heart. With everything selected, group the words and the heart. The little cut-outs from the “B” aren’t part of the heart symbol until this happens.

Valentines Heart Be Mine Add 2 Text boxes. In one type “L” and the other type “VE” (my font is Times New Roman). Rotate the Heart by about 30 degrees (or until it looks good to you) and position it where the “O” should go. Select all the letters and group them. Size the entire design to be about 5.5-6″ square.

Valentine's day LOVE design Cut out the design and transfer it to the glass block. I’ve started using clear contact paper for transferring my vinyl designs because I like how transparent it is compared to the official transfer paper.

LOVE valentines day block The bottom of the block has an opening. Open it up and pour the conversation hearts in. I bought my hearts from the dollar store – 5 bags fit PERFECTLY inside.

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart LOVE decor I love how this turned out. It will be great on the mantle for bringing in some Valentine’s day cheer to the room. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day decor?

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